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Your Tears Will Make You Rise!

August 17, 2020

If the pain is making you broken and weak, Let that, let that tear trickle down your cheek

I know, it’s sometimes hard to tell how you feel, Even if there are lies all around, don’t you give into the deal; If you’re being hated, don’t give way to hating, Don’t get carried away by the likes, comments or rating.

There will be skepticism and doubt; but for the solace you seek, Let that, let that tear trickle down your cheek. If the world is colliding and beings are brought down, Into the confusion of ‘posed’ emotions, don’t you drown; I know you’d say, “It’s hard to be alone”, But the truth inside you will beg, “Please hold on!”
Their doubt! Your truth! Don’t stoop, don’t you freak, Let that, just let that tear trickle down your cheek.

Dream! Dare to dream! Live it, make it a reality with all the spark, Don’t be scared to encounter what lurks there in the dark; You’d say it’s hard to show up for the society would judge, But for the sake of your dream, don’t you budge!

You may fall, may get hurt, the light at the end may seem bleak, At that point of time, let that tear trickle down your cheek.

‘Cause this rolling tear, this rolling tear will wash away all the fright, Gloomy darkness will give way to the blissful dawn of light; A new journey of joy your clear eyes will begin, Over sorrow, the purpose of life will win.

The power of your tears won’t let you down; so, go ahead! Take a leap! And, let that, let that tear trickle down your cheek.

Tears are sacred, tears they heal! Strength they shower; your inner power they’ll reveal. Not a messenger of grief, but of unspeakable love, Not a mark of weakness anymore, they will make you as light as a dove.

So, let that tear fall on the ground; fall for it will make you rise, And rise you will, above all the lies and cries! And Rise You Will.

-Sehaj Khatter

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