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The Power of Belief

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Sep 25,2020

From the darkest of the ashes

Rose like the sun, bright dazzling red flashes.

 Tearing the clouds of dust, I Was born

Forsworning its darkness, humanity had a new morn!


Having a promising distant sight.

I rose for a limitless flight

But it is not as rosy as it seems

When over your head a shadow of glow gleams


Yes! It was a daring sleepless night oh it! Made me cry

With my weak fragile wings, i wasn't able to fly.

My flock too gave upon me.

Leaving me alone near the old shady tree.


With no hand to hold, in the dark forest I lay,

But my tears, Decision was my bread made me what I am today!

Decision was tough…very tough to set myself on fire But I had in my gut, the power of faith, hope and that Burning desire!


Stories are told about the legends I raised

About the burning fire in my heart, from childhood glazed.

I kept falling kept getting up for the sky I sought.

These challenges of life I boldly fought.


Now, I am the phoenix the world knows

To my struggle and success, it bows.

I tumbled, I crumbled and I finally flew, Piercing the skies beyond the horizon, I flew in my limitless blue!


While I Phoenix fly in the flames of glory

Something similar is there in everyone's story.

We all have immense potential and faith,

Hope and will are the greatest of our powers.

We just have to believe in ourselves and the universe will be ours!


~ A kidznmore Student

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