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Apr 16,2021



As the exams are approaching, it is always a hard time for students. Studying for several hours before the board exams is natural to complete the syllabus. Along with that, it is necessary to maintain your health. In this pandemic of covid-19, it is already important to take care of yourself and your mental strength.

Taking tensions for these exams will never be fruitful! This is a matter of fact, even if you ask your seniors. It is a forever issue, with the kids of 10th and 12th, taking tensions and exhausting their energy ever since that never helped. It is always better to plan their timetables strictly and work accordingly. Paying more attention and managing things always help in releasing stress.

For this time especially, it is necessary, not just for kids but for everyone, to release stress! Here are a few tips: to resolve stress issues.

  1. Time Management: 

Being a student is not easy, but it can always help you to manage your time by dividing it and maintaining a graph of the syllabus. Now many of you might think: How to manage my time? This is not that hard: form a table, write the hours you can study, how much time each chapter or derivation take, and great you are done! Waiting for the last time and pushing things off can go wrong. So it is better to do it now than tomorrow! The time you take a break is the time of your retention. If you are not writing it: DON’T but, recall everything you tried to memorize. You will forget one, two, three times but, then there will be a fourth time in which you will learn all of it by heart. Managing time just for studying? Eh, no 'Where is the time for your relaxing and socializing?' Every 40minutes takes a break of 15minutes, a study says it is a normal retention period for a human brain. Do the things which make you fresh, during that time.


    Creating a positive working environment is very necessary to be it, for a student or an office-going person. Our mind sometimes tends to create, a horrific scenario, and the result comes out to be approximately the same. WHY? It is so because we accept the outcome way before trying, but this time we don’t have any other option: it is a now or never types of exam, not to worry much. Just keep yourself positive. When you’re sitting to study, try and maintain a neutral state of mind, not much light to go on a contrary not as hard to hold on to, imagine scoring a 90 in a subject, you think you’ve not prepared well, it’s a good feeling, right? True that, so help yourself by having such thought, set a great target, and work on it instead of being stuck on the thought of what will happen the next moment. You might find yourself engaging with some negativity. Put every freaking thing on a side and relax with the type of music you love, there is always a subject which will relax you, such as in my case it was English, I used to listen to songs while reading. These minor things help you get through a rough patch.


According to a 2015 study by the anxiety and depression association of America, 85% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed at some point in the previous year by everything they had to do; and 41.6% stated anxiety as the most pressing concern among college students. Regular exercise can help you get better sleep, betterment of mood, and boosting energy. Try signing up for yoga or Zumba classes, it is a tried and tested heat and trial thing. It surely helps in the well-being of physical as well as mental health


Researchers have proved that a person who has symptoms of anti-insomnia is very healthy, try to engage your energy, get tired, and have a good night's sleep. This is a natural way of busting your stress because when you sleep not, just your body but your mind relaxes and passes positive waves throughout your body.

5. TALK- Talking can be helpful overall. Share with some of your reliable friends or family members can get you out of stress. Sharing or expressing your views with them is always helpful. They tell you their tales and get you out of such things! Lastly, if we view the scenario, it is similar to what your parents-grandparents have faced, NOTHING NEW. 

6. DEEP BREATHING- Breathing deeply will provide oxygen to all the parts of our body, even the healing ones. Taking in oxygen and giving out carbon-di-oxide also relaxes and give a good break to your body (also a form of meditation)

Doing these things will be helpful for you sooner or later. I hope you remain in good health and by following these stress buster hacks and score amazingly well. To check out more such, visit

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