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Apr 09,2021


Adolescences an age where a teen goes through numerous changes. They might be physical, mental, or emotional. As a parent, you must take them out of confusion or misery according to the situation. While talking, the child should feel comfortable. There should be a comfort zone for them to be able to talk about everything.

The real problems with today’s teenagers are that they find everything amusing and want to try every unique thing they see. It’s about how you talk to them so that there’s always transparency between you and your kid. Going further, let’s discuss how and when to talk.


It’s necessary to take off time to talk, whether you find a non-gadget time or maybe a time when all of you are free. Such as it could be when you are at the dinner table, ask for a cell-free time. Maybe when you’re in a car going somewhere. Or may even be a day of the week when you both are comfortable and fresh-minded. 

Things might turn out in your favor during a fresh mood.


An option to talk about your teen’s interest is one of the best. They’ll know about the things and start opening up. Listen more than speaking, show interest so that they feel interested, being in a conversation. It may be about a TV show, web series, music, sports, etc. There could be a point where you might get irritated by the choice or selection of words, but it’s alright. More like try and understand why is he/she pushing you to such an extent.


No one is perfect, hence if you do something, try to correct it. Never let ego destroy the relationship with your teen. If you find yourself at fault apologies, it’s not that big of a deal. They’ll start feeling free to talk. It’ll be a pretty positive form of conversation.


There can always be a mood swing that is common at this age. That might be dangerous if you don’t understand and end up yelling. In such cases, try and cope up with them. Because it’s one of those times where they can’t handle their emotions. Remember! We are building good communication here. Things usually turn ugly in such kinds of situations.



Learn to respect their privacy. Your teen is grown up and thinks he is mature enough to deal with difficult situations. Even if you think he is not, you still have to give him space and time to experience things. Automatically if they’ll not be able to handle it, they will have to involve you. Learning via someone’s experience and creating your own has several different forms. They are lessons for life.

Give them privacy but set rules. Such as, permit them to talk on calls privately but not after midnight. Or provide them the permit for going on night outs, but call them hourly to know about it. SETTING OF LIMITS.

A limitless kid can be destroyed, in seconds and that’s a matter of fact. Let them meet new people but keep a full check. Such as having the contact numbers, address, etc.


The scenario is your child is trusting you if he/she tells you what they are up, too. If you disclose such things to someone else, they’ll lose all the faith they have within you. At this age, children usually become secretive. That means they rarely share things with their parents, so you’re lucky if it does happen. Ever destroy that trust because it takes years to make it real again. Till that time they won’t need any advice. Trusting them and making them trust you is one of the best remedies for you and them.

Serious red haired young woman in romantic dress looking with raised forefinger to her mouth, making hush gesture Free Photo


It might be one of those times when they expect them to have a vital role in making decisions. They feel mature and understanding, which is how we should also make them feel. It will make you understand their thought process. And can even change their world and might get to know some financial systems as well.



Put yourself in their situation and tell them what you would have done, then forcing them to do the same. Third-party advice is one of the best forms of advice. Or maybe you could offer some help. They might appreciate that someone is there for them no matter what. But for that, you have to be cautious and be serious regarding it. They should believe in everything you say.

They should always feel secure with you, whether it’s by talking or listening. 

It will keep your relationship healthy with each other.

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